In the footsteps of his maternal grandfather, Brett learned to appreciate and work the land. He is most at home working on his farm and managing timber in Deer Park. Most recently, Brett served as Director of Finance and Controlling in North and South America for Outokumpu Stainless Steel. He was part of the management team that turned a near-bankrupt site into a profitable one, saving 1000+ jobs at the Calvert mill. His early career experience include his work as plant controller at Evonik Degussa and as a licensed residential contractor, working for four years to rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina.

Brett and his high school sweetheart, Betsy, have been married for 30 years. They make their home in her childhood community of Four Points, Alabama and enjoy fellowship at the small, rural church where her mother grew up. Their oldest son, Turner, is a recent college graduate and a newlywed. Their youngest son, Jeremiah, passed away at 12 years of age.

Our rural communities have the values and lifestyle that many of us want for our families; but our population is declining due to lack of opportunities. Sustainable economic development will not happen until we improve our infrastructure and invest in our schools. Being an effective state representative requires more than casting votes in the legislature for 30 days a year.

Brett is committed to working with economic development directors, county commissioners, boards of education, mayors, business leaders and community members to maximize the opportunities for District 65 and its people.

Strengthen the economy by creating jobs

District 65 is uniquely positioned for economic development with proximity to a four-lane highway, rail and the river. We have never capitalized on these resources for large industry recruitment. Brett has the professional background and record to maximize opportunity and bring jobs to our community.

Invest in our infrastructure

The condition of roads in our community is unacceptable. In many cases, citizens have to drive on the shoulder to avoid the destructive conditions of our streets. Until we invest in our crumbling infrastructure, we will not bring sustainable industry to our area. It will be Brett’s priority to work with local and state leadership to find funding for repairing infrastructure.

Protect our conservative values

Brett is a lifelong Christian conservative. He believes in the sanctity of life and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. Brett will always stand up for the conservative values of District 65.

Improve education for our children

In order for our community to thrive, we must invest in our schools. The career politicians in Montgomery are unwilling to do what is necessary to improve our schools. Brett is a retired businessman who doesn’t need a job. He will not be afraid to fight special interests and make the tough decisions.

Fight government overreach

Farming and small business are the lifeblood of our community. Government overreach and red tape make it harder and harder for our farms to stay open and small businesses to thrive. Brett will fight burdensome, outdated regulations and cut red tape to make doing business easier for our farmers and small business owners.

Promote workforce development

We need to expand our workforce training programs and tailor them to the industries in our district. By providing enough people with the right training we can recruit industry to our district and keep citizens from moving out of town for work. We must put a focus on workforce development that will feed the industry in and around our district and provide our citizens with opportunities that allow them to live and succeed in our community.